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from RED QUEEN by Bryan Free



Mark my words: you’ll quit
The job soon, comes with view.
Costs a few
Lean years. Worth it though.
Strain then restrain till we break.

Heart break through,
Keeps him on task, paid,
Costs a few.
Feels secure. Isn’t.
Mis-assumes my body’s all yours to use.

Wild life style, leaves less
To dream. Soon
It’s on you. File that hot:
Those who won’t fail on their own.

Plus you get sitcom success
If skin stays smooth.
Shout when sure,
Or barely. Nothing lasts.
Strain then restrain till we break.

startled awake hit the alarm hit the alarm
why are you sleeping & dreaming & thinking
it’s healthy to open your eyes get out of bed
look at your phone check it & check it & fuck
it & get on your clothes how do you decide?
usually it’s random break the routine till you’ve spent

open the door get in the car hook up
your phone waiting & moving & waiting
& moving a little to get to your job listen
to talk listen to song this is the portion of life
where you don’t think at all how do you decide?
usually it’s random my life is all theirs to spend

cutting the costs cutting the fat trimming the lean
tree even the dying can bloom with the right kind
of management look at the street it’s not for the weak
not for the strong something that happens
to species that grow up too fast who gets
to decide? who to cut what to kill it won’t get well on it’s own

this is a wash this is a joke hit the alarm
certainly someone’s deceiving the others
& making a show of it all! is it a SHE?
is it a GOD? is it a thing that can die
if the kids don’t believe? why am I alive?
probably it’s random break the routine till you know

I’ll take TRAVEL,
Even if it never will materialize,
I’ll plan it out, route by road.
It’s YOU I fear most.
Tell the muscles MOVE:
Strain, then restrain till we break.

HEARTS go cold
But the sinoatrial node
Keeps it regular, predictable,
Just like you. Like you, barely.
Honey, I’ve been fooled:
My body’s all yours to use.

I’ll take your ENERGY
Even if it never will materialize;
The room was dull.
It’s on you. IDEALS. I feel you.
Make the muscles MOVE.
Strain, then restrain till we break.

Everything I stay up so late about
And which I can attribute to you.
Blank stare.
Hear me: make the muscles move,
Strain, then re-strain, till we break.


from RED QUEEN, released October 17, 2011
Bryan Free: synths, vocals, drum machine
The Julians: vocals


all rights reserved



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