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by Bryan Free

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We have one Turn and we're Safe. Free from the Records of this Place. Our Release. Sleep. Easy. No 1s Leaving. We'll be Skin to Skin. We'll be Pages Closed. We'll be Bodies Stretched on Boards of Oak. We'll go Underground and Feel how far our Souls go. But I would hope we remain So Close. Don't Fuss. We're still Here. The Air chills. But it's still There. ARE THEY ALL GONE? o my god. are we leaving? are we skin to skin are we pages closed are we bodies stretched on these boards of oak are we underground can we feel how far our souls go? i would hope we remain.
LUST 04:22
We live here in Portland, but it's London in your dreams. Can't wear your crown. I swear we're supposed to break up, but we danced out all our seams. Not coming down. We drove out to the high plains: we were jet streams out of town. This CLEAN LIFE I've found. Late nights when the storm yells, she says "Earth Screams Out My Name. And I'm So Full Of Love. What Am I Made Of?" Not Love, just Lust.
If it's a word, open your mouth and say it. If it's a chance, leave it alone or take it. If it's a gag, laugh at yourself and shake it. And if it's a lie, admit it's a lie and change it. We won't struggle to replace Us with Ourselves. And we won't shut our mouths to Love. But if Lies don't fuel our anger. Then Love can have to place here. If it's a drug, swallow it down, enjoy it. If it's a loss, know that a loss is worth it. If it's a choice, don't be afraid to choose wrong. And if it's a phase, don't stay away for too long. We won't struggle to replace Us with Ourselves. And we won't shut our mouths to Love. But if Lies don't fuel our anger. Then Love can have to place here. On this shell-worn shore [don't get SOFT On me now] Cast my line out [I'll wait] Toward the break [but you're wasting time] Where the wake is daily torn [Things change and so do we] Can we mend this in the morning?
I measure my distance with time: laid out. I measure my distance with cash: laid out. I would lay beside you but I'm not an investor And this kissing religion is a violent bore. Who will you next adore? I measure my distance with arms. I measure my resistance with arms: put them up. Just don't forget how you see others in yourself SO PUT EM UP string them up What's the use in reading if I'm only stealing sentience? We heard the rich are burning nations black. Who will you next attack? So pretend all the stars we see are human beings. And some god has our faces trained with laser beams. If could meet you OUTSIDE I'd take you somewhere deep Overseas. Before the war brings worlds to dreams.
KNIVES 05:53
She climbed up to that place and touched the ceiling of curved ice. Said: "Is it worth scratching the sky? Can I know what comes after time?" All these Stones. Smooth Round Cells. Diamonds hidden in Eggshells "I'VE GOT JOY INSIDE. But it always subsides. And I'm perpetually redefined." "Or is it hate?" Thick and Red. Dark. And Brooding. And Cancerous. "How do I get inside?" She asked for my advice. But I sent knives. "Found my Name. Found my Soul. Strings of Words that I don't know." Crush these Bones. Smooth the Skin. OPEN THIS THING THAT I LIVE IN. "How do I get inside?" She asked for my advice. "A reasonable rationalization for staying alive." It's alright. It's alright. If your soul is an advertisement GET OUTSIDE. It's alright. We have universities that act like knives-- Cut and show you how we all get small and Go Or just implode [if you're IN]. And if not, you get to watch yourself End.


released March 23, 2006

Lust was written, produced, recorded, mixed by BF at the Holy of Holies in Portland, OR. All songs performed by Graeme Enkelis and BF. Mastered by Bill Dooley at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Artwork by Jeremy Kronback.


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