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Red Queen B​-​Sides

by Bryan Free

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When I walk into the room I don’t want any attention. Like writing in my journal, it’s less true If you planning on sharing it with anyone. I feel exposed, so I wear the bright red shirt, “HEY! No Secrets Here!” I’m saying. And every once in a while I arrive Perfectly removed, behind a veil. Sunglasses indoors. Headphones! My private island into which I import everything: Food, info, even you. Hey, are you watching the news? Aren’t you a bit overwhelmed, in general? Doesn’t it heat up your nerves? Doesn’t the health care debate beat all though? So cmon! My bands are broad And all my broads are webcast blondes. Helpmejesusdotcom: put the fear of God In these liberal blogs! The rights of Man? How much the government expands? You’re all preoccupied. The issue is how you fit IN (if you matter at all— And you don’t, you don’t); You don’t mind. I might oil the only wheel that slips, Just like TV. And I’ll take a good look at myself, Through my TV (and I feel pretty comfortable with that). But I gotta say, Honey, I’m not helpless yet, Just in the wrong spot of history (although I’ve got a great 401K thing going on right now).
How bout that new love Where you don’t know How you lived so long Convinced your lot is to make do? You know the file types. You know their simple mission Won’t absolve the heat you use to work them. I’m on fire in this chair, I could listen to you forever. I would pay for that Quicker than I’d pay for Elysium, Which is less Paradise And more a noble place Where our hard work pays off, But more than that, more than beauty, More than fantasy, I love, I love your brain. This isn’t a conquest and it isn’t a game. The other animals don’t seem to see it that way. You live a long time as one thing Or you live a longer time as many. Do I learn from you? Well, yes. I do. But I like the feeling barely less Than bathed in your volcano. If it’s Hell or Heaven’s river— Whichever— I’m on fire for you in this place Next to war, next to hate. I could ignore it all forever. I would pay for that Quicker than I’d pay for perspective, Which isn’t paradise, and not a hopeful place Where our hard work pays off If the stars align, So I love your name: it seems eternal. But I will miss, I will fall, I will love another. Even still, my love for you remains.


released January 2, 2012

Produced by Bryan Free
Mixed & Mastered by Evan Hodge (K-IV)


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